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Inbound Marketing Packages

Stop wasting time and money on outdated or ineffective marketing tactics.

inboundDo you want a marketing program that delivers significant, consistent and measurable results in both the short-term and the long-term?

How about one that delivers those results with a smaller investment than traditional outbound marketing methods—but a much higher ROI?

Flair offers several done-for-you inbound marketing packages utilizing Hubspot, the industry leader in inbound marketing, or their free Wordpress plugin. We are a certified Hubspot partner agency.

Key Benefits

  • Get a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy and tactical plan that will be managed and executed by 3-5 Flair team members on a monthly basis

  • Leverage award-winning online marketing tools such as Wordpress or Hubspot to create a modern, responsive and engaging web site, as well as a blog, emails, landing pages and forms 

  • Gain a better understanding of the buyer's journey and how you can use it to get better results with your online marketing

  • Utilize one online marketing suite instead of separate, disparate tools

  • Get instant access to powerful analytics and metrics through unbeatable measurement tools

  • Work more efficiently and effectively, focusing only on the marketing tactics that are getting real, measurable results

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