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Monthly SEO Services

SEO_guyHas it been a while since someone looked at your site to see how it's doing from an SEO perspective? Has your traffic or the quality of your traffic decreased significantly and you don't know why?

If so, our monthly SEO package is perfect for you. Our team of SEO experts will analyze your site, identify critical issues that Google or other search engines are seeing, investigate and fix some of those issues, conduct a backlink audit and provide helpful recommendations regarding additional SEO tasks that you should be doing. We'll even take care of some or all of those tasks ourselves each month. 

Key Benefits

  • Find out your web site's SEO score

  • Learn how many severe issues, critical issues or lower-priority SEO issues you have according to search engines

  • Find out if your site has been penalized by Google

  • Find out how you compare to your competition from an SEO perspective

  • Discover your average ranking positions in major search engines and directories

  • Find out if you have broken links

  • Learn who's linking to your web site and how to get more high-quality backlinks

  • Identify your on-page SEO issues, missing keywords and quality issues

  • Have a friendly team of SEO experts on hand to actually fix some or all of the issues we identify each month

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